Rallou Panagiotou

Rallou Panagiotou (b. 1978) received her artistic education at the Athens School of Fine Arts and holds a MFA from the Glasgow School of Art. She lives and works in Athens and Glasgow. Panagiotou creates sculptural topologies with composite materiality and formal conciseness. The materials Panagiotou uses have an association to the built environment, and with those materials she makes artworks that relate to the body – in a state of leisure and reverie. Her works encapsulate an embodiment of personal memory. Panagiotou was recently featured in a solo exhibition titled Pocket Microclimate at the City of Athens Arts Centre at Parko Eleftherias (2021).

Selected works


Rallou panagiotou with her work no more black shoe, at the exhibition the same river twice, 2019, benaki museum. portrait by paris tavitian  presse
Paris Tavitian

Born 1978 in Athens, Greece
Lives and works in Athens and Glasgow


Athens School of Fine Art, Athens, Greece
Master of Fine Arts, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland


2023 Body Panels Mirrors Lights, Bernier/Eliades, Athens, Greece
2022 Outtakes and Indicators, Galleri Riis, Oslo, Norway
2021 Pocket Microclimate, City of Athens Arts Centre at Parko Eleftherias, Athens, Greece
2017 Incorporeal Bundles, Bernier/Eliades, Athens, Greece
2017 Two-Hander, Signal, Malmö, Sweden
2016 Rallou Panagiotou / David Adamo (Two person show), Ibid., London, UK
2016 ProtoCopies, Pavilion, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow International, Glasgow, Scotland
2016 Kalypso Volume II, Radio Athènes, Athens, Greece
2014 Lycra Proper, Dio Horia, Mykonos; Between Shampoo and Snakes, Ibid., Los Angeles, USA
2013 Second Plateau, Melas/Papadopoulos, Athens, Greece
2013 Liquid Degrade, Galleri Riis, Oslo, Norway
2013 Rallou Panagiotou, Ibid., Liste, Basel, Switzerland
2011 Artists and Engineers, Ibid., ReMap3, Athens, Greece
2010 Exaggerate the Classics, Ibid., London, UK
2010 Heavy Make Up, AMP, Athens, Greece
2009 4×4: Rallou Panagiotou, Transmission, Glasgow, Scotland


2024 donner corps, Villa Datris Foundation for contemporary sculpture, France
2021 Lives of an Object, Arch, Athens
2021 Anti-Structure, Deste Foundation, Athens
2021 Interval, Goethe Institute, Athens
2021 Reflection is the Daughter of Scandal, Angela Mewes, Berlin
2019 The Same River Twice, Benaki Museum, Athens
2017 Instructions for Happiness, 21er Haus, Vienna
2017 All Collected Voices, Radio Athènes, Athens
2015 ArtNow: Vanilla and Concrete, Tate Britain, London
2015 The Transparent Tortoiseshell and the Un-ripe Umbrella, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow
2015 Super SuperStudio, PAC, Milan
2013 Hell As Pavilion, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
2012 One Person’s Materialism Is Another Person’s Romanticism, Glasgow International, Glasgow
2012 Harold Ancart/ Rallou Panagiotou/ Colin Snapp, Ibid. London
2012 Méditerranée, Lanitis Foundation, Limassol
2011 Monodrome, 3rd Athens Biennial, Athens
2010 Supernature, AMP, Athens
2009 Deste Prize, Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens