Andreas Eriksson
August 26 – September 19, 2004, Oslo

Ae 20040826 introduction

Galleri Riis will present, from August 26th through September 19th, three small, separate exhibitions of three artists, Stephanie Dumont, Andreas Eriksson and Dirkjan van der Linde, showing, respectively, works of sculpture and photography, painting and video.

Swedish Andreas Eriksson lives and works outside Hällekis in Västergötland. He is one of the few painters among the young, Swedish artists who has received much critical attention in the last few years. His exhibition, “360", from the Nordiska Akvarell Museum, tours for a time in the north and then comes to Trondheim’s Kunstmuseum in February-March 2005. Eriksson’s works are in the main abstract compositions which stretch from the constructive and architectural to the poetic and mystical. In this exhibition he shows four new paintings created especially for Galleri Riis’s exhibition space.

Installation views