Marie Buskov
Fields of Folded Time
August 31 – October 14, 2023

Mariebuskov fields of folded time 2023

In Marie Buskov’s art, craftsmanship and digital tools come together in an alluring way. The exhibition Fields of Folded Time, her third with the gallery, was produced during 2023 and consists of new sculptures in cast aluminum and bronze, a stained glass painting, ceramic objects, murals and works on paper.

For Buskov, the exhibition’s title hints at both accumulated experiences and windows of uninterrupted worktime in her artistic practice; and towards layers of knowledge covering familiar and strange landscapes.

Several of the works in the exhibition are derived from the digital noise which occurs when Buskov deliberately uses digital design programs “incorrectly”. As when light hits a surface and scratches become visible, the computer program’s distorted patterns become the starting point for artworks executed with watercolor, casein and tempera on paper, acrylic and silicate paint on walls, and a monumental stained glass painting.

Buskov has always been interested in architecture and its surroundings, and lately she has investigated this further, with a focus on structures and rhythms, both visible and hidden: “You could say that I am drawing up new spaces based on these structures. I look for gaps which I either try to charge or leave as they are. It can be an idea of space that occurs in between something, as in the meeting of two surfaces, or in the refraction between something known and something imaginary. I am curious about the connection between different positions, such as the random and the planned, the legible and the abstract, and a dialogue between the digital and the tangible. For me, the most interesting areas are those that cannot be clearly measured, described or explained. The ambiguity in spaces and demarcations is what I try to give visible form. These works are the result of my recordings and examinations, and I aspire to see them in the world.”

Through several exhibitions over the last decade, Marie Buskov (b. 1980 in Rosenholm, Denmark) has become well known on the Norwegian art scene for her vital abstract works on paper, wallpaintings and sculptures constructed from steel or cast in bronze and aluminum. In her exhibitions, the various media interact in elegant and complex installations. She has executed several public commissions comprising stained glass, wallpainting, sculpture and liturgical furniture, of which the most comprehensive to date is her work for the new Sola Church, Norway, in 2020. Major works can be found in the collections of The National Museum in Oslo, Lillehammer Art Museum, and the City of Oslo Art Collection. Marie Buskov studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (2001-05) and holds a MFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2005-09). She lives and works in Oslo.

Exhibited works

Installation views