Hanneline Røgeberg
Double Blind / Drawings and Monotypes
February 09 – March 11, 2023

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We are pleased to announce Double Blind, a new exhibition and publication by Hanneline Røgeberg. It comprises a selection of ink drawings and monotypes executed over the past year, and the release of her book dedicated to these works. This is Hanneline Røgeberg’s third exhibition with Galleri Riis since the first in 2019.

A stack of paper, ink, and two pens sit on the table.

I look at a photo pinned to the wall in front of me, and with a pen in each hand start making blind contour drawings.

My right hand is wobbly and makes smaller movements than my left. Rather than moving in parallel it prefers to flip and mirror.
There is no composing, no agenda, no available attention to scan for descriptors. I notice when a pen moves off paper and move it back, and after a while each hand grows a sense of its allotted radius.
Lines are meandering, distracted, forceful, or stuttering depending on mood and day, and stop when the ink runs out.

They could be graphs of my particular wiring.

- – - – - – - – - – - -

The right hand is a parallel witness
mirroring back to the left a less arrogant version.

Not much from the source photo is nameable in either drawing, but bits of staggered angles and directional marks suggest orientation and tip the drawing toward specificity.

Do I capture anything?
Something sits in the gutter between intent and result.

Hanneline Røgeberg, from notes for Double Blind, December 2022

The monotypes were executed in collaboration with Marina Ancona at 10 Grand Press in Brooklyn, New York.

The book is published by Space Sisters Press, New York, and features the essay “Interference: Hanneline Røgeberg’s History Painting” by Faye Hirsch.

Hanneline Røgeberg (b. 1963 Oslo, Norway) is a painter who works in embodied ways with the limits of representation and history. She holds an MFA from Yale University, CT, and has since 2013 been a Professor at Rutgers University (Mason Gross School of the Arts) in New Brunswick, NJ. She has had solo shows at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Henie Onstad Art Center, as well as groups shows at the MIT List Center, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Exhibited works

Installation views