Hanneline Røgeberg
April 04 – April 27, 2019, Oslo

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Opening reception with the Artist on Thursday April 4th from 18-20

We are pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Hanneline Røgeberg in our Annex space, her first with the gallery. Titled zerosandones, it comprises 2 large paintings from 2013, Bigger Half, raised (general assembly) and Bigger Half, flat, and 6 recent smaller paintings from the ongoing series zerosandones.

The two Bigger Half paintings lead the way into Røgebergs current process. The background image of these canvases are different views of the Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan. On top of one of these cityscapes, the artist has applied an additional massed form, which she then presses into the other, transferring a hazy echo of pigment between the works and charging one with the imperative of the other. The obfuscation by these slippery forms gives distance from the images beneath, partially concealing and filtering them into a possible new interpretation. The smaller zerosandones paintings share the performative element of offsetting a still wet painting onto the next canvas, diffusing the underlying image and forcing the artist to handle the abstract form as a representational image in its next iteration.
Using history painting as a reference point, Røgeberg examines the commemorative impulse in order to unmake, to complicate, and arrest the memorialized event from playing out its own repetition.

«Painting’s analogy to skin isn’t new: the painted surface is a hide where battle-scars remain as a record of its experiences. The privacy of painting makes the analogy even easier: I stroke, lick, brush, bathe, in its unmaking I sand and cut. I am drawn to the dumb puns and double entendres of the body, the creases that stand in for other creases, apertures that open in place of other apertures, infantile behaviors that return as adult ones, etc.: thought games that make the intolerable tolerable. In paint I am looking at a viscous flourish that reminds me of something else, but is potent enough to keep me from naming that other thing.»

Hanneline Røgeberg is born 1963 in Oslo and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She holds a MFA from Yale University, CT, and is since 2013 Professor at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Recent solo exhibitions include Hard Sauce at Thomas Erben Gallery in 2017 and Off the Bone at Blackston Gallery in 2015, both in New York City.

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