Ole Jørgen Ness
May 26 – June 26, 2005, Oslo

Oj m 31  amniosa iv

Ole Jørgen Ness, born 1961 in Bergen, received his artistic education from the College of Art and Design, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo.
“Anosognosia” is Ness’ fifth exhibition in Galleri Riis, and continues in the abstract vein of the works featured in his last exhibition in Galleri Riis, (“Marsupium”, in 2003), with their references to symbolism and surrealism.
The exhibition consists of new oil paintings in medium and large formats. The exhibition’s title refers to the medical condition of impaired awareness of mental illness.

Ole Jørgen Ness is in addition to the exhibition in Galleri Riis, a contributor to the exhibition “Kiss the Frog” in the National Museum of Art, opening Saturday May 28. Here he will present an epic drawing in mixed media, measuring 100 square meters. Ness is also a participant in Carnegie Art Award, with its ensuing exhibition tour in the Nordic countries later this year. This August, Ness will also unveil a large public commission in the National Archives in Oslo.

Installation views