Bård Breivik
Interferens (Interference)
November 12 – December 22, 2005, Oslo

Galleri Riis will open an exhibition with new works by Bård Breivik on Saturday November 12th.

Breivik (b.1948) is also the first contemporary artist presented with a one-man show in the first floor or the National Gallery.
The exhibition “Interferens" (Interference) in Galleri Riis will complement the wide-ranging exhibition in the National Museum, by showing independent groups of works that partly share the same point of departure.
Central in the exhibition will be four large wall-reliefs in epoxy given car-lacquer treatment. The reliefs are a continuation of Breivik’s work with computer-generated forms, and represent a summit of high-tech and surface finish in his production.

These perfect and sensual, but partly awesome works, are contrasted by three wall-based sculptures that seem comparatively primitive. They are modelled in clay and subsequently transferred to hammered copper, an execution that in this context enhance the rustic and almost formless expression.
The last central work in the exhibition are nine wall-sculptures related to the artist’s on-going series of “boat-shaped" wall-based sculptures, “Score for a longer conversation". These nine objects differ from the rest of the series with their simple shape, which rather inspire thoughts of designed functional objects such as door-knobs or different kinds of weldings. The execution in highly polished stainless steel accentuates this. Because the sculptures are considerably larger (120 cm height) than the objects they are associated with, a feeling of displacement and humor is awakened in the beholder.
The works in this exhibition prove Breivik’s virtuouso way with materials and forms, and emphasize his ability as a sculptor to challenge the borders between art and design, and to master the extremes in the production of sculpture.

Installation views