Kristjan Gudmundsson
"Blue Transmission" and other drawings
January 12 – February 12, 2006, Oslo

Kristjan Gudmundsson will on Thursday January 12th open the exhibition “Blue Transmission and other drawings" in Galleri Riis.

The Icelandic artist (b. 1941) lives and works in Reykjavik. He is one of the leading figures in the Icelandic generation which, in the beginning of the 1970s, was active in the international movement of conceptual art, and which introduced to it the exceptional Icelandic poesy. Kristjan Gudmundsson has practiced his poetic conceptualism within a series of artistic expressions, such as performance, installations, objects and drawings.

In this exhibition, the artist will show both new and old works with drawing as a premise.

Important in Gudmundsson´s oevre is his exploration of the essence of drawing. His conceptual works include among others, the super sonic drawings of the 1970s, made by firing pistol shots along sheets of paper. In later years the drawings have taken the shape of three-dimentional sculptures, consisting of the essential elements of drawings – graphite and paper.
Central in this exhibition is the monumental ink-drawing “Blue Transmission", from 1988, a monumental process-drawing comprised of 5 rolls of newspaper-paper and 2 liters of blue ink.

Installation views