Lars Monrad Vaage
April 10 – May 11, 2008, Oslo

Lmv 20080410introduction

Galleri Riis has the pleasure of presenting our first exhibition with the Norwegian artist Lars Monrad Vaage (b.1973).

Vaage received his artistic education from the art academies in Oslo and Helsinki. He works mainly with painting and drawing, although he has also worked with video. Virtuosity and skill combined with surreal motifs derived from the artist’s highly peculiar mythology, result in paintings that are characterized by both lightness and melancholy. Sublime canvasas that are meticulously painted in oil paired with intimate and rough drawings executed in oil pastels on paper, create dynamic installations.

The exhibition in Galleri Riis is comprised of one new painting in many parts, made specially for our exhibition space: “BUHU” from 2008, and will be presented with a twist that takes the entire space in its possession.
Vaage lives and works in Oslo and Berlin.

Installation views