Galleri Riis

Seraphim (Council of Hieria) II, 2017, Jesmonite, silverleaf, lacquer, steel, plastic pearls, sunglasses, mirror glass, 47 x 50 x 60 cm
Iconostasis, 2017, Baluch rug, ruler, silverleaf, lacquer, 171 x 103 cm
Al-mulk, 2017, Anatolian rug, rubber, silverleaf, lacquer, 220 x 119 cm
Bonfire burns, 2014, Offset print, silver, sewing and tissuepaper, 54 x 40,5 cm
Concrete floor, 2014, cast concrete elements and sand, dimensions variable
endless promises, 2014, steel pipes, coloured lambskin, knitting, PC, projector, speakers, concrete, cardboard, ceramics, black marbrite glass, heating element, semi-transparent-mirror, shell, cigarette butt, LED-light, laser loop, video loop, crocheting, Petopentia Natalensis plants, plastic pearls, ruby in fuchsit, dimensions variable
endless promises, 2014, detail
endless promises, 2014, detail
fade, 2014, print and sewing on card board, 47 x 32 cm
empty hands, 2014, acrylic on paper, sewing and crochet, 49 x 21,5 cm
imaginary, 2014, embroidery, 50 x 40,5 cm
bonfire burns, 2014, offset print, silver, sewing and tissue paper, 54 x 40,5 cm
Freud's Gashgai, 2011/2012, steel, knitting, polyester, paper, neon, 286 x 176 x 7 cm
Kontrapost. In Order to do Good, 2010, 3D print, mirror
Misfit, 2010, embroidery, 81 x 60,5 cm
Right way is the hardest, 2009, sewing, pencil, print, 39 x 27 cm
Sustainable (as time grows you will have to pay attention to both plaster and plant. please respect them equally), 2009, bottleneck tree, plaster, iron, paper, ceramic, cavalet, cotillion, ca 110 x 40 x 40 cm
more give me more give me more - dette dit dørtrin, 2009, silicone, painted steel, knitting, crochettes, neon tubes, cartons, 12" picture vinyl LP, turntables, concrete, ceramic, sheepskin, cardboard, latex pillow, ca 4,5 x 15 x 0,5 m
Gospel of Truth - Martin as Alef, 2008, knitting, steel, pigment, print, polyester, concrete, PC, projector, randomized avi.files, textile, paper, 210 x 180x 180 cm
with open-throated arms - and I got lost, 2007, detail